Decomposed Granite, often referred to DG is one of the best earth friendly alternatives to traditional oil based paving options such as Asphalt. The beauty and natural look of freshly installed Decomposed Granite is undeniable. However, when the rainy season hits DG starts to wash away and the surface begins to erode.  As with pretty much everything a bit of maintenance is needed to keep your DG looking great. We all know "The best possible maintenance is always preventive maintenance"   DGRainKoat is the only product targeted at preventive maintenance. In order to maintain the beauty of your Decomposed Granite and extend it's useful life you need DGRainKoat.   If you have a DG Pathway, Patio, Driveway etc. DGRainKoat is an absolute must have. . DGRainKoat puts a protective shield over DG that not only limits the amount of moister that soaks into it. It also reduces the impact damage caused by heavy rains. You can't stop mother nature, but you can definitely slow her down. 

Frequently Asked Questions


What is DGRainKoat?

DGRainKoat is a Decomposed Granite Weather Shield designed protect the surface of decomposed granite from the detrimental effects caused by harsh winter weather.

Should I apply DGRainKoat to my DG?

Absolutely Positively YES!  The number one cause for premature erosion of  decomposed granite is harsh winter weather.  When the rainy season hits It doesn't take long before small pieces of DG start to break free from the surface of the DG.  After  a few small pieces of DG break free the accelerated  erosion takes over.  As you walk or drive on the DG those little pieces of DG start to grind into the DG causing more DG to come loose. this process continues rain or shine and does not stop.  


What does DGRainKoat do?

DGRainKoat puts an protective layer on the surface of the DG to help prevent breakdown caused by rainfall. It works like a shield reducing  the impact and volume of water that soaks into the DG.

How long does it take for DGRainKoat to dry?

30 to 60 minutes but you should always stay off the surface for 24 hours  after you apply.  

Is applying DGRainKoat the same as stabilizing my DG?

No. DGRainKoat only protects the surface of the DG. It does not stabilize the DG below. To stabilize the entire DG slab you would need to apply TerraKoat EX Decomposed Granite Stabilizer before compacting the DG.

How is DGRainKoat Applied.? 

The application process is as easy as watering the lawn.  You apply DGRainKoat with a pump type or powered garden sprayer. @ 60 sqft per gallon for residential projects or light use areas or 45 sqft per gallon for commercial or heavier use areas   On larger  projects a spray bar on the back of an ATV or small truck works great. Once the surface is dry to the touch, a second coat can be applied for extra protection 


How long will DGRainKoat protect my DG?

There are so many variable that can effect how often you should reapply DGRainKoat.  Location, weather conditions, slope, amount of  use, compaction level at install etc.  It is different for everyone. We recommend applying in November/December. The following season inspect the DG. If it is sill looking great you are good  no need to reapply. Do this each year before the winter rains set in and reapply as needed.  You can always reapply mid year if  degradation is noticed.  
Is there anything else I can do to extend the life of my DG?
Yes. Whenever you notice any small pieces of DG breaking free, remove them right away. The more loose DG on the surface the faster the DG will break down. 


  • Great coverage 60 sqft per gallon.
  • Easy to apply using a pump type sprayer.
  • Anyone can apply, No contractor needed.
  • Reduces dust, gravel migration and erosion.
  • No special tools or skills required to apply.
  • Protects any outdoor surface not just DG.
  • Will not harm plants or aquatic life.
  • EPA-compliant.
  • Earth Friendly & Biodegradable.
  • Free Delivery
Application Instructions. Remove any loose debris from the DG Surface. Using a pump type garden sprayer apply DGRainkoat at the Rate of 60 sqft per gallon. For additional protection A second coat can be applied.
Have questions? We are always happy to help. TerraKoat International offers free customer support services. Customers picking up their orders have their choice of DGRainkoat "Ready To Use" or DGRainKoat "Concentrate".  Orders being delivered or shipped will receive DGRainKoat "Concentrate" Same great product, just be sure to add 4 parts water to 1 part concentrate before use. Double check your measurements to make sure you are ordering the correct quantity as DG-RainKoat is a made to order product. Once orders are placed they can not be canceled or returned. Orders lost or damaged in transit will be replaced or a credit for future purchase the buyer. Placing an order on this page acknowledges that you have read and understand our Terms & Conditions that can be reviewed by clicking the link at the top of this page. 
Sub Product


DG-RainKoat Weather Shield
(For 5 Gallons)


 Orders being shipped will receive DGRainKoat Concentrate. Be sure to add 4 parts water to 1 part concentrate before use.

Sub Product


DG-RainKoat Weather Shield 

(For 55 Gallons)


 Orders being shipped will receive DGRainKoat Concentrate. Be sure to add 4 parts water to 1 part concentrate before use.

Sub Product


DG-RainKoat Weather Shield

(For 275 Gallons)


 Orders being shipped will receive DGRainKoat Concentrate. Be sure to add 4 parts water to 1 part concentrate before use.